Definition of Mutual induction

1. Noun. Generation of electromotive forces in each other by two adjacent circuits.

Generic synonyms: Inductance, Induction

Definition of Mutual induction

1. Noun. (physics) the production of an electric current in a circuit by a changing current in a nearby one ¹

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Literary usage of Mutual induction

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. Report of the Annual Meeting (1896)
"A divided circuit with mutual induction between the two branches is the same as ... The electromotive force of mutual induction will be positive or negative ..."

2. Dynamo-electric Machinery: A Manual for Studens of Electrotechnics by Silvanus Phillips Thompson (1888)
"APPENDIX I. MEASUREMENT OF COEFFICIENTS OF SELF-INDUCTION AND OF mutual induction. SINCE the appearance of the last edition of this work much has been done ..."

3. Proceedings of the Cambridge Philosophical Society by Cambridge Philosophical Society (1902)
"On the Coefficient of mutual induction for a circle and a circuit with two parallel sides of infinite length. By GFC SEARLE, MA, Peterhouse, ..."

4. Practical Electricity by Terrell Croft (1917)
"SECTION 22 mutual induction 464. mutual induction is the electromagnetic induction ... "mutual induction" is merely another name for the phenomenon of the ..."

5. Experimental Electrical Engineering and Manual for Electrical Testing for by Vladimir Karapetoff (1922)
"mutual induction 151. The reactance of a coil, such as the coil Ci shown in Fig. 129, is reduced by the proximity of another coil, C2, if the circuit of the ..."

6. Scientific Papers by John William Strutt Rayleigh (1903)
"THE mutual induction OF COAXIAL HELICES. [British Association Report, pp. ... PROFESSOR JV JONES* has shown that the coefficient of mutual induction (Af) ..."

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