Definition of New ballgame

1. Noun. A particular situation that is radically different from the preceding situation. "HDTV looks the same but it's really a whole new ballgame"

Exact synonyms: Ballgame
Generic synonyms: Situation, State Of Affairs

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Literary usage of New ballgame

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. Technology Against Terrorism: Structuring Security (1994)
"A new ballgame of counterterrorism R&D would exist, making long-time participants uncomfortable. Major agencies might be more reluctant to play. ..."

2. Turn of the Century: 2100 by Charlie Pedersen (2007)
"However, in the last fifteen years and especially the last five years, international commerce and the evolution in China made it a whole new ballgame. ..."

3. Bridging Regional Growth and Community Empowerment edited by Michael A. Stegman, William J. Benfanti, John P. Ross (1996)
""A new ballgame for Sun's Scott McNealy," Upside, pp. 46-54. Sherwood-Call, C. 1992. "Changing Geographic Patterns of Electronic Components Activity," ..."

4. Missing the Lifeboat? by Gyeorgos Ceres Hatonn (1994)
"... as one falls and the “big boy” seems to remain untouched, this sets off a whole new ballgame of “why should I take the heat when I am but a bit-player? ..."

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