Definition of New caledonia

1. Noun. An island to the to the east of Australia and to the north of New Zealand.

Group relationships: Melanesia
Generic synonyms: Island
Derivative terms: New Caledonian

Definition of New caledonia

1. Proper noun. Overseas territory of France in Oceania. Official name: Territory of New Caledonia and Dependencies. ¹

2. Proper noun. (historical) A district of the west coast of British North America traded by the Hudson's Bay Company. It became the colony of British Columbia in 1858. ¹

3. Proper noun. (historical) A short-lived (1698-1700) Scottish colony in Panama, around Darien (which was renamed New Edinburgh as its capital) ¹

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Medical Definition of New caledonia

1. A group of islands in melanesia constituting a french overseas territory. The group includes new caledonia (the main island), ile des pins, loyalty island, and several other islet groups. The capital is noumea. It was discovered by captain cook in 1774 and visited by various navigators, explorers, and traders from 1792 to 1840. Occupied by the french in 1853, it was set up as a penal colony 1864-94. In 1946 it was made a french overseas territory. It was named by captain cook with the 5th and 6th century a.d. Latin name for scotland, caledonia. (12 Dec 1998)

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Literary usage of New caledonia

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"new caledonia (Nouvelle donie) is almost equally distant from Australia (900 miles east) and from New Zealand (970 miles north-west), and New Guinea ..."

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