Definition of Nicaraguan capital

1. Noun. The capital and largest city of Nicaragua.

Exact synonyms: Capital Of Nicaragua, Managua
Generic synonyms: National Capital
Group relationships: Nicaragua, Republic Of Nicaragua

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Literary usage of Nicaraguan capital

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. The Young Man's Chances in South and Central America: A Study of Opportunity by William Alfred Reid (1914)
"The American bank in the nicaraguan capital is now organized. It is owned by American capital. It will therefore pass into tradition as the first of the ..."

2. Anglo-American Isthmian Diplomacy, 1815-1915 by Mary Wilhelmine Williams (1916)
"... having promptly secured the consent of the Costa Rican government to the project,1" proceeded to Managua, the nicaraguan capital, which he reached on ..."

3. American Supremacy: The Rise and Progress of the Latin American Republics by George Washington Crichfield (1908)
"This property is said to be ten days' journey by any means of communication from the nicaraguan capital. Minister Merry is sending a full report by mail. ..."

4. Panama: A Personal Record of Forty-six Years, 1861-1907 by Tracy Robinson (1907)
"... was already, or would soon be in communication by rail with the Nicaraguan capital; so perfect were all the details—on paper. ..."

5. American Diplomatic Questions by John Brooks Henderson (1901)
"... and the 9th of October arrived before the formal protest of the company, as set forth and required in the bond, reached the nicaraguan capital. ..."

6. The Great Peace by Harry Huntington Powers (1918)
"Our marines occupy the nicaraguan capital. The Canal Zone is ours by a perpetually renewable lease. l^ot one of these trusts was sought; not one of them ..."

7. A Central American Journey by Roger Ward Babson (1920)
"The nicaraguan capital was in fact very up-to-date in some respects. The canned fruits and vegetables, ginghams and prints, enamel ware and toilet ..."

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