Definition of Northern phalarope

1. Noun. Breeds in Arctic regions of Old and New Worlds; large flocks often seen far out at sea.

Exact synonyms: Lobipes Lobatus
Generic synonyms: Phalarope
Group relationships: Genus Lobipes, Lobipes

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Literary usage of Northern phalarope

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. Feathered Game of the Northeast by Walter Herbert Rich (1907)
"The present species and the northern phalarope are found more commonly in ... THE northern phalarope. (Phalaropus lobatus.) Next in order and smallest in ..."

2. Nests and Eggs of North American Birds by Oliver Davie (1900)
"The general habits, movements and distribution of the northern phalarope are nearly identical with those of the Red Phalarope; common to both continents, ..."

3. The Bird Book: Illustrating in Natural Colors More Than Seven Hundred North by Chester Albert Reed (1914)
"Their eggs cannot, with certainty, be distinguished from the preceding species, Red Phalarope. northern phalarope. Greenish buff. ..."

4. Michigan Bird Life: A List of All the Bird Species Known to Occur in the by Walter Bradford Barrows (1912)
"In its habits the northern phalarope is quite similar to the Red Phalarope, migrating in flocks, usually over the ocean, at a distance from land. ..."

5. Report on the Birds of Pennsylvania: With Special Reference to the Food by Pennsylvania Ornithologist, Benjamin Harry Warren (1890)
"northern phalarope. DESCRIPTION. Length about T, inches ; extent about 14 ; bill and ... In other sections of the state the northern phalarope is a rare and ..."

6. The New International Encyclopædia edited by Daniel Coit Gilman, Harry Thurston Peck, Frank Moore Colby (1903)
"The northern phalarope ( Pha- ... philus fulicarius) is rather larger than the northern phalarope, and is, like it, very graceful in form and movements, ..."

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