Definition of Onagers

1. Noun. (plural of onager) ¹

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Definition of Onagers

1. onager [n] - See also: onager

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Literary usage of Onagers

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. Journal of a Deputation Sent to the East by the Committee of the Malta by Malta Protestant college (1854)
"They are said to support fatigue better than the Arab horses, and to be swifter than camels; the troops of onagers are conducted by a stallion; ..."

2. Calmet's Great Dictionary of the Holy Bible: Historical, Critical by Augustin Calmet, Charles Taylor, Edward Wells (1814)
"I was informed, that the Persians when taming the young onagers, ... The onagers are ani- aaN adapted to running, and of such swiftness that ! !ae best ..."

3. A Select Library of the Nicene and Post-Nicene Fathers of the Christian Churchby Augustine, John Chrysostom by Augustine, John Chrysostom (1888)
"The onagers shall take for their thirst." By onagers he meaneth some great beasts. For who knoweth not that wild asses are called onagers? ..."

4. Expositions on the Book of Psalms by Augustine (1853)
"Therefore drink. AU the beasts of the wood shall drink. 4. The onagers shall take for their thirst. By onagers he meaneth some great beasts. ..."

5. Journal of the Bombay Natural History Society by Bombay Natural History Society (1888)
"Louis Figuier states that the Persians used to slaughter zebras (probably onagers) at their religious festivals, and kept a stock of them for the purpose on ..."

6. The Sháhnáma of Firdausí by Firdawsī (1908)
"Hast thou not heard Those sayings of old times which Zal repeateth :— ' No lion is affrighted at a plain Of onagers; stars ape the sun in vain; ..."

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