Definition of Order Anseriformes

1. Noun. Ducks; geese; swans; screamers.

Exact synonyms: Anseriformes
Generic synonyms: Animal Order
Group relationships: Aves, Class Aves
Member holonyms: Anseriform Bird, Anatidae, Family Anatidae, Anseres, Suborder Anseres, Anhimidae, Family Anhimidae

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Literary usage of Order Anseriformes

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. A Hand-book to the Birds of Great Britain by Richard Bowdler Sharpe (1896)
"The eggs are two in number, and are of a chalky-white. Axis, 3'55-37 inches; diam., 1-15. THE GEESE, SWANS, AND DUCKS. order Anseriformes. ..."

2. The Zoological Record ...: Being Records of Zoological Literature by Zoological Record Association (London, England), Zoological Society of London (1906)
"Aves Order ANSERIFORMES. MILLAIS, JG, on hybrid ducks. Bull. BOC xv, p. 89 : BONHOTE, tc pp. 88 & 69. ..."

3. The Cambridge Natural History by Sidney Frederic Harmer, Arthur Everett Shipley (1899)
"... ornis has been given, are met with in the Chalk of South Sweden.2 Order VI. ANSERIFORMES. The order Anseriformes consists of the Sub-Orders ..."

4. Birds' Nests: An Introduction to the Science of Caliology by Charles Dixon (1902)
"Our last great group of crude nest-builders comprises the ducks and allied birds associated together in the great natural order Anseriformes. ..."

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