Definition of Order Anura

1. Noun. Frogs, toads, tree toads.

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Literary usage of Order Anura

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. Research in China by Eliot Blackwelder, Bailey Willis, Rufus Harvey Sargent, Friedrich Hirth, Charles Doolittle Walcott (1907)
"order Anura. (Frogs, toads, etc.) Hyla chinensis GUENTHER. GUENTHER: Catalogue of Batrachia salientia in British Mus., 1858, p. 108, plate IX, flg. ..."

2. Life in Ponds and Streams by William S. Furneaux (1906)
"The third order—Anura—includes all those Amphibians that are without tails in the adult stage, and is well represented by our Frogs and Toads. ..."

3. The American Homœopathic Pharmacopœia (1904)
"BUFO. Synonyms, Cinereus. Rana Bufo. Class, Amphibia. Order, Anura. ... Order, Anura. Common Name, Toad of South America. ..."

4. A Text-book of Zoology by Thomas Jeffery Parker, William Aitcheson Haswell (1921)
"... and order Anura. The absence of a tail and the presence of two pairs of limbs, of which the posterior are larger than the anterior, place the genus ..."

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