Definition of Order coleoptera

1. Noun. Beetles.

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Literary usage of Order coleoptera

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. The Animal Parasites of Man by Harold Benjamin Fantham, Maximilian Gustav Christian Carl Braun (1916)
"FVT] Order. Coleoptera. The larva; of beetles, similarly to those of some other ... order coleoptera."

2. Lake Maxinkuckee: A Physical and Biological Survey by Barton Warren Evermann, Howard Walton Clark (1920)
"order coleoptera THE BEETLES No special attention was given to the beetles except a few species found in and about the water. No one could help noticing the ..."

3. Narrative of an Expedition to the Sources of St. Peter's River, Lake by William Hypolitus Keating, Stephen Harriman Long, Thomas Say, Lewis David von Schweinitz, James Edward Calhoun, Joseph Lovell (1824)
"This species is much smaller than either of the preceding and is comparatively rare. It occurred in Vermilion Lake. E. CLASS INSECTA. order coleoptera. ..."

4. An Authentic History of Lancaster County: In the State of Pennsylvania by Jacob Isidor Mombert (1869)
"order coleoptera. Atthe head of the class, usually, is placed the order ... of which there are numerous species, and more or less variety: order coleoptera. ..."

5. The Natural History of the Insects Mentioned in Shakspeare's Plays: With by Robert Patterson (1841)
"... to the order Coleoptera. They are beetles less in size than those we have been considering, and dwelling not on the land, but in the water. ..."

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