Definition of Ordinary shares

1. Noun. Stock other than preferred stock; entitles the owner to a share of the corporation's profits and a share of the voting power in shareholder elections. "Over 40 million Americans invest in common stocks"

Exact synonyms: Common Shares, Common Stock
Generic synonyms: Stock
Specialized synonyms: Blue Chip, Blue-chip Stock, Classified Stock, Stock Of Record

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Literary usage of Ordinary shares

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. Company Precedents, for Use in Relation to Companies Subject to the by Francis Beaufort Palmer (1881)
"... the holders of the ordinary shares shall be entitled to be paid, out of the surplus profits in each year, a dividend at the rate of 10 per cent, ..."

2. Auditing: A Practical Manual for Auditors by Lawrence Robert Dicksee (1900)
"The profits were divisible as follows :—first, the holders of the ordinary shares were to be paid out of the net profits a dividend of 10 per cent, ..."

3. Business Finance: A Practical Study of Financial Management in Private by William Henry Lough (1917)
""Common Stock" or "ordinary shares" In the United States we speak of "common stock"; in England they use the term, "ordinary shares. ..."

4. Forms of Judgments and Orders in the High Court of Justice and Court of by Cecil Clare Marston Dale, W. Tindal King, W. O. Goldschmidt, Sir Henry Wilmot Seton, Great Britain Court of Appeal (1901)
"At the time of the registration of this minute the residue of the said ordinary shares, namely, 17592, numbered 2508 to 20000 inclusive, and the residue of ..."

5. New Zealand Official Yearbook by New Zealand Dept. of Statistics (1907)
"Otherwise the preference shares infer the same rights and privileges as ordinary shares. A.stets Realisation Board. (Since defunct ; see last paragraph. ..."

6. Electrical Review (1891)
"The Chairman said that they could not make it cumulative under their Act. The shares were, in fact, ordinary shares, having a priority as regarded interest. ..."

7. The Electrical Engineer (1893)
"ordinary shares of £10 each, entitled to surplus profits up to 10 per cent., ... 20000 ordinary shares of £2 each, fully paid in ex- Of these, 10000 shares ..."

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