Definition of Painted beauty

1. Noun. American butterfly having dark brown wings with white and golden orange spots.

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Literary usage of Painted beauty

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. Every-day Butterflies, a Group of Biographies by Samuel Hubbard Scudder (1899)
"VANESSA HUNTERA —THE painted beauty ANOTHER butterfly, of the same genus as the last, is distinctively American. It closely resembles the preceding upon the ..."

2. My Grandfather's Pocket-book, from A.D. 1701-1796 by Henry John Wale (1883)
"... to Hales Owen—The Gigantic Infant—Advice to Daughters as to Long Engagements—Address to the Yonng Women of Girton Parish, Cambridge —The painted beauty. ..."

3. Butterfly and Moth Book: Personal Studies and Observations of the More by Ellen Bell (Robertson) Miller (1920)
"The painted beauty, however, either hibernates or passes the winter in the chrysalis form. But no matter how or where the parents spend the cold weather, ..."

4. A Source Book of Biological Nature-study by Elliot Rowland Downing (1919)
"It is distinguished from a close relative, the painted beauty, by the fact that the latter has some large eyespots on the underside of its wings. ..."

5. Insect Life: An Introduction to Nature-study and a Guide for Teachers by John Henry Comstock (1901)
"The painted beauty, Vanessa hunt era ( V. hun'- te-rd).—The upper surface of this butterfly is represented by Fig. 225 ; on the lower surface there are two ..."

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