Definition of Painted tongue

1. Noun. Chilean herb having velvety funnel-shaped yellowish or violet flowers with long tonguelike styles at the corolla throat.

Exact synonyms: Salpiglossis Sinuata
Generic synonyms: Salpiglossis

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Literary usage of Painted tongue

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. A new and literal translation of Juvenal and Persius; with notes by M. Madan by Juvenal (1839)
"... which conceals it : hence dissimulation, flattery, which cover the real sentiments of the heart. See Matt xxiii. 27. —painted tongue. ..."

2. The Flower Garden: A Handbook of Practical Garden Lore by Ida Dandridge Bennett (1903)
"... Old Woman, Orchid Vine, Oriental Poppy, Oswego Tea, Painted Daisy, Painted Leaf, painted tongue, Pampas Grass, Pancratium, Paris Daisy, See Mimulus. ..."

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