Definition of Paire

1. impair [v PAIRED, PAIRING, PAIRES] - See also: impair

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Literary usage of Paire

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. The New England Historical and Genealogical Register (1887)
"1 paire of Shewes &) n i- nr» Vamping a paire of bootes John Watson—2 paire of Shewes 0: 16: 00 Anthony Ravenscraft—1 paire of Bootes . ..."

2. Archives of Maryland by Maryland Historical Society (1887)
"Liber A. 2 paire of newe Irish stockings and about a yard of ) blew ... j 2 old paire of stockings, i old coate, i old doublet, I , One paire of Pincers & a ..."

3. Privy Purse Expenses of Elizabeth of York: Wardrobe Accounts of Edward the by Nicholas Harris Nicolas (1830)
"Shoon double soled and not lynede : blac, v paire wherof iiij pair ... leder ij paire. Shoon sengle soled and not lynede: blac j paire, iiij d; ..."

4. Soldiers in King Philip's War: Containing Lists of the Soldiers of by George Madison Bodge (1891)
"0: 08: 00 Jeremy Clothier—1 paire of Bootes . 1: 00: 00 William Bi-iggs—1 paire of Shewes . 0:05:00 Richard Silvester— 1 paire of Shewes 0: 08: 00 John ..."

5. Catholicon Anglicum: An English-Latin Wordbook, Dated 1483 by Sidney John Hervon Herrtage (1882)
"See the quotation from the Will of Joan Stevens in note to a paire of ... 'A paire of Tables to plaie at dice, or the boxe out of which the dice are cast ..."

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