Definition of Paper loss

1. Noun. An unrealized loss on an investment calculated by subtracting the current market price from the investor's cost.

Generic synonyms: Loss, Red, Red Ink
Antonyms: Paper Profit

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Literary usage of Paper loss

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. OECD Economics Glossary: English-French = Glossaire de L'économie de L'OCDE by Oecd (2006)
"... GES] Output loss manque à produire ; perte de rendement [GES] paper loss moins-value latente ; perte théorique [GES] pré-acquisition loss perte avant ..."

2. The Paper Mill Chemist by Henry Potter Stevens (1908)
"... comparable results are to be obtained, as the temperature has a very marked effect on the rate at which water rises in a strip of blotting paper. Loss ..."

3. A Text-book of Quantitative Chemical Analysis by Frank Julian (1902)
"When surrounded by a filter paper, loss cannot be entirely prevented, although its extent is much less than ..."

4. Palmer's Index to "The Times" Newspaper (1870)
"... in every day's paper Loss of the Hermann, and Strange Discovery, 27 s б е • of the Star of the West, Board of Trade Inquiry into, 4/64 Merchant Shipping ..."

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