Definition of Paper plate

1. Noun. A disposable plate made of cardboard.

Generic synonyms: Plate

Medical Definition of Paper plate

1. A thin plate of ethmoid bone forming part of the medial wall of the orbit and the lateral wall for the ethmoidal labyrinth. Synonym: lamina orbitalis ossis ethmoidalis, lamina papyracea, orbital lamina of ethmoid bone, orbital layer of ethmoid bone, orbital plate, paper plate, papyraceous plate. (05 Mar 2000)

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Literary usage of Paper plate

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. The Mechanism of Weaving by Thomas William Fox (1894)
"... 40 perforated in zigzag rows to the gauge of paper, and paper plate 41. ... and take into peg-holes in the paper. Plate 41 moves vertically through a ..."

2. Gurley Manual of Surveying Instruments by Gurley, W. & L. E., Troy, N.Y. (1909)
"2620 Cross-section Paper, Plate C, rulings 20x16 inches, 8 feet to inch, per sheet, ... 2621 Cross-section Paper, Plate F, rulings 20 x 16 inches, ..."

3. Household Engineering: Scientific Management in the Home by Christine Frederick, American School of Home Economics (1919)
"The paper plate too, is no longer confined strictly to picnic use, but can be utilized at ... Pies are found equally delicious if baked in a paper-plate. ..."

4. Transactions and Proceedings of the Japan Society, London by Japan Society of London (1893)
"... 1 Illustrations to Paper, Plate V. 3 Illustrations to Paper, Plate VI. 2 Illustrations to Paper, Plate VIII. * Illustrations to Paper, Plate VII. ..."

5. Popular Mechanics Shop Notes (1920)
"Bacon Rind for Pad, Asbestos Soldering Paddle-Chain Water Motor Pall Forms Chimney-Pipe Hole Paint Can, paper plate under Paint. White. ..."

6. Woodland Indians by Elaine Hansen Cleary (1995)
"Materials: • a sturdy paper plate • a small corn cob or an empty toilet paper roll • dried corn ... In the paper plate, cut holes for eyes and mouth. 2. ..."

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