Definition of Paper trail

1. Noun. The written evidence of someone's activities. "This paper trail consisted mainly of electronically stored information"

Generic synonyms: Written Account, Written Record

Definition of Paper trail

1. Noun. (idiomatic) A written record, history, or collection of evidence. ¹

2. Noun. (idiomatic) the records left by a person or organization in the course of activities. ¹

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Literary usage of Paper trail

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. Asking the Right Questions About Electronic Voting by Richard F. Celeste, Dick Thornburgh, Herbert Lin (2006)
"As noted in Box 3.2, much of the nation is moving forward with some form of paper trail requirement for electronic voting systems without an empirically ..."

2. Financial Investigations: A Financial Approach to Detecting and Resolving Crimesby Don Vogel by Don Vogel (1999)
"... piece together the correct "paper trail". The sources listed in this chapter and Appendix A provide a foundation for the initiation of that paper trail. ..."

3. Protecting the Privacy of Student Records: Guidelines for Education Agencies by Dona Cheung, Barbara Clements, Ellen Pechman (1997)
"Besides the information provided by the student or parent, such as basic enrollment and immunization status, school staff create a paper trail to describe ..."

4. Money Laundering: Fincen Needs to Better Communicate Regulatory Priorities by Danny R. Burton (1998)
"The MLSA amendments to the BSA are, among other things, intended to improve upon this paper trail. For example, one benefit intended by the MLSA is to ..."

5. Threat To U.s. Trade And Finance From Drug Trafficking And International edited by Charles E. Grassley (1999)
"This allows ample opportunities to use the paper trail to cover- up smuggling and money laundering activities through international commerce. ..."

6. Accounting for Pow/Mias from the Korean War and the Vietnam War: Hearing edited by Robert K. Dornan (1998)
"... and the crews, in most cases, disappeared without a public paper trail, in some cases maybe without an official paper trail. Only US News & World Report ..."

7. Fores's Sporting Notes & Sketches. a Quarterly Magazine Descriptive of (1903)
"The local riders learn to anticipate the twistings of the paper trail, and although a mistake may easily lead to a serious accident, they maintain a strong ..."

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