Definition of Parliamentary law

1. Noun. A body of rules followed by an assembly.

Exact synonyms: Order, Parliamentary Procedure, Rules Of Order
Generic synonyms: Prescript, Rule
Specialized synonyms: Interpellation, Standing Order, Closure, Cloture, Gag Law, Gag Rule, Point Of Order, Previous Question
Examples of category: Mover, Proposer
Specialized synonyms: Robert's Rules Of Order

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Literary usage of Parliamentary law

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. Legislative Procedure: Parliamentary Practices and the Course of Business in by Robert Luce (1922)
"Shall parliamentary law be spoken of in the same breath with Magna Carta, ... It is true that the literature of parliamentary law is scanty and that it ..."

2. Robert's Rules of Order Revised for Deliberative Assemblies by Henry Martyn Robert (1915)
"parliamentary law. parliamentary law refers originally to the customs and rules for conducting business in the English Parliament; and thence to the usages ..."

3. Modern American Law: A Systematic and Comprehensive Commentary on the by Eugene Allen Gilmore, William Charles Wermuth (1914)
"parliamentary law may be divided into two parts, the equivalents of common ... Common parliamentary law, in its origin, was founded upon the practice of the ..."

4. Readers' Guide to Periodical Literature by H.W. Wilson Company (1909)
"parliamentary law a world institution. P.. L Src also Great Britain—Parliament. United States—Congress. Parliaments. See al*o Great Britain—Parliament; ..."

5. The Methodist Review (1889)
"8vo, pp. 388. Cincinnati: Robert Clarke 4 Co. Price, cloth, £2; law sheep, $2 50. Chromatic Chart and Manual of parliamentary law ..."

6. Lex Parliamentaria Americana: Elements of the Law and Practice of by Luther Stearns Cushing (1874)
"Of the Previous ^Question according to Hie Common parliamentary law. 1406. At the time when this motion first came into use, (something more than two ..."

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