Definition of Paul bunyan

1. Noun. A legendary giant lumberjack of the north woods of the United States and Canada. "The lakes of Minnesota began when Paul Bunyan and Babe's footprints filled with water"

Definition of Paul bunyan

1. Proper noun. A mythological giant lumberjack. ¹

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Literary usage of Paul bunyan

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. The Proceedings of the Iowa Academy of Science by Iowa Academy of Science (1890)
"THE ADDRESS OF THE PRESIDENT paul bunyan TURNS SCIENTIST RE BUCHANAN Paul ... But paul bunyan in recent years has wearied of his tales of the forests and ..."

2. Literature Pockets, Tall Tales Grades 4-6 by Evan-Moor Educational Publishers, Jo Ellen Moore, Jill Norris, Tekla White, Karen Hall (2002)
"Paul Bunya Pocket Label and Bookmark page 27 Have students use these reproducibles to make the paul bunyan pocket label and bookmark. (See page 2. ..."

3. Adventure Guide to the Pacific Northwest by Don Young, Marjorie Young (1999)
"Although a product of the Great Lakes states, legends tell us that paul bunyan did journey to the Pacific Northwest on at least one occasion. ..."

4. Readers' Theater by Evan-Moor Educational Publishers, Evan-Moor, Michael Ryall, Don Robison (2003)
"paul bunyan: Well, split my timber. That's almost as good as the time I ... paul bunyan: I was so tired when I walked away that I was draggin' my ax. ..."

5. Spell & Write, Grade 6 by Christine Hood, Evan-Moor Educational Publishers (2005)
"paul bunyan could topple an 2. Pecos Bill could 3. ... paul bunyan was a 12. It wasn't easy to awaited for Pecos Bill to return. to rope ride on a giant ..."

6. Forestry Kaimin by University of Montana (Missoula). School of Forestry. Forestry Club (1903)
"Price paul bunyan Camp of The Two Cooks INDIANA, PENNA. ... paul bunyan. ability and need for sites for utilization of forest products, or likelihood of ..."

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