Definition of Pea flour

1. Noun. Meal made from dried peas.

Generic synonyms: Meal

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Literary usage of Pea flour

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. Food and the Principles of Dietetics by Robert Hutchison (1917)
"It would require about 600 grammes (ij pounds) of pea flour to supply the amount of ... The 600 grammes of pea flour would hardly, however, contain as much ..."

2. Foods by Edward Smith (1876)
"Rice, potato starch, and pea flour are readily ascertained under the microscope by the ... pea flour is added to inferior wheat flour, to give strength, ..."

3. Food and Its Adulterations: Comprising the Reports of the Analytical by Arthur Hill Hassall (1855)
"... by the peculiar smell evolved when a small quantity of boiling water is poured upon the flour to be examined. If pea-flour be present, the odour of peas ..."

4. Foods: Their Composition and Analysis by Alexander Wynter Blyth, Meredith Wynter Blyth (1903)
"It hence follows that if pea flour be mixed with wheat flour in the proportion of 10 per cent., the ash would be '87 instead of '7, and it has been proposed ..."

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