Definition of Peaberry

1. Noun. A kind of coffee bean, one that develops alone in the cherry rather than with a second seed and thus has a more oval shape. ¹

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Definition of Peaberry

1. a type of coffee seed [n PEABERRIES]

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Literary usage of Peaberry

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. All about Coffee by William Harrison Ukers (1922)
"In Brittany the demand is for peaberry coffee, no matter of what variety. ... The peaberry coffee roll« about so nicely in the pan that they get a much more ..."

2. Commercial Geography: A Book for High Schools, Commercial Courses, and by Jacques Wardlaw Redway, 1849-, Jacques Wardlaw Redway (1911)
"The so-called Mocha coffee is a peaberry, as is also much of the Mexican coffee. In their preparation the berries are picked when ripe and deprived of their ..."

3. Lieber's Standard Telegraphic Codeby Benjamin Franklin Lieber by Benjamin Franklin Lieber (1896)
"31390 Benesse Rio peaberry. 31391 Benessere Roasts free of quakers. 31392 Benestante .... Santos peaberry. 31393 Benevelde Selected for polishing merit, ..."

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