Definition of Peace officer

1. Noun. An officer of the law.

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Literary usage of Peace officer

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. The Justice of the Peace and Parish Officer by Richard Burn, Joseph Chitty, Thomas Chitty (1837)
"... other peace-officer, it shall and may be lawful for any and every ... or other peace-officer, and they *nd ei of them are hereby authorized and required ..."

2. The Justice of the Peace, and Parish Officer: With the Practice of Country by John Frederick Archbold (1846)
"... that he the said EF should produce and show the same to him the said AB, (lie the said AB being then and there a) constable and peace officer, ..."

3. The American and English Encyclopedia of Law by John Houston Merrill, Charles Frederic Williams, Thomas Johnson Michie, David Shephard Garland (1895)
"The statutes of most of the states provide that the warrant must be directed to, and executed by, a " peace officer." If the warrant is issued by a justice ..."

4. Burn's Justice of the Peace and Parish Officer: Containing the Cases by Thomas Chitty, Richard Burn (1845)
"... or by the oath of one or more witness or witnesses, to grant a wai-rant to any constable or other peace officer, or to any collector of the said duties, ..."

5. Lawyers' Reports Annotated by Lawyers Co-operative Publishing Company (1901)
"Í 11. providing that a peace officer may without a warrant arrest a person for a public offense committed or attempted In his presence. Wahl v. ..."

6. Supplement to Burn's Justice of the Peace and Parish Officer: From January by Thomas William Saunders, Richard Burn (1849)
"... or other peace officer for any parish, township, hamlet, or place situate within the limits of the jurisdiction for which such justice or justices shall ..."

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