Definition of Peace process

1. Noun. Any social process undertaken by governments who want their citizens to believe they are trying to avoid armed hostilities.

Generic synonyms: Social Process

Definition of Peace process

1. Noun. negotiations towards the peaceful settlement of a long-running conflict. ¹

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Literary usage of Peace process

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. Egypt's Bid for Arab Leadership: Implications for U.S. Policy by Gregory L. Aftandilian (1993)
"Mubarak reportedly has told Rabin that Syria might undermine the peace process if it is pushed into a corner.32 Egypt, therefore, will pursue policies in ..."

2. Land Mines in Angola by Africa Watch Committee (1993)
"The peace process Also in 1988, the USSR signalled that it was no longer prepared to continue arming the Luanda government ad infinitum; ..."

3. Human Rights in Guatemala During President de León Carpio's First Year by Human Rights Watch/Americas (1994)
"The peace process On March 29, 1994, the government and the guerrilla coalition URNG reached a long-delayed agreement on human rights as part of their ..."

4. Political Murder and Reform in Colombia: The Violence Continues by Juan E. Méndez, Americas Watch Committee (U.S.) (1992)
"THE GUERRILLA WAR AND THE peace process The political violence described in the preceding pages occurs in the context of a broader conflict that includes ..."

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