Definition of Pen up

1. Verb. Confine in a fold, like sheep. "They want to pen up the prisoners "

Exact synonyms: Fold
Generic synonyms: Confine, Hold, Restrain
Derivative terms: Fold

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Literary usage of Pen up

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. An Etymological Dictionary of the English Language by Walter William Skeat (1893)
"Qtr The spelling pinner is due to a supposed connection with the verb to pen up ; but there is no real relationship. See Pen (i). PINE (2), to suffer pain, ..."

2. A Concise Etymological Dictionary of the English Language by Walter William Skeat (1900)
"... to pen up.— AS fund, an enclosure, Щ Not allied to fen (i). pond. (E.) ME fond, variant of pound, an enclosure ; it means a pool formed by damming up ..."

3. A Dictionary of the Isle of Wight Dialect, and of Provincialisms Used in the by William Henry Long (1886)
"pen up. To shut up, or in; to confine. "Goo and pen up the fowls, there's a good bwoy." " I sholl pen up that caaf next week, and begin fatten on 'en. ..."

4. Select Committee on the Extinction of Slavery Throughout the British by Great Britain Committee on Slavery (1833)
"Did your visits into the country extend beyond your proceeding from Kingston or Port Royal to the Admiral's Pen, and from the Admiral's pen up to your ..."

5. The Slave: Or, Memoirs of Archy Moore by Richard Hildreth (1836)
"Yet many thrifty managers and good disciplinarians are, like Mr Stubbs, very much opposed to all gadding, and they pen up their slaves, when not at work, ..."

6. Archy Moore, the White Slave: Or, Memoirs of a Fugitive by Richard Hildreth (1856)
"... pen up their slaves, when not at work, as they pen up their cattle, to keep them, as they say, out of mischief. At another time, this new piece of petty ..."

7. The Law of Waters and Water Rights: International, National, State by Henry Philip Farnham (1904)
"11 The lessee of a mill and water course may pen up the water whenever necessary for the operation of the mill, although he covenanted in his lease not to ..."

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