Definition of Penal facility

1. Noun. An institution where persons are confined for punishment and to protect the public.

Exact synonyms: Penal Institution
Specialized synonyms: Brig, Camp, Correctional Institution, Penal Colony
Group relationships: Base, Infrastructure
Generic synonyms: Institution

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Literary usage of Penal facility

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. Behind Bars in Brazil by Joanne Mariner, James Cavallaro (1998)
"... a host of information about him — in order to select the prison or other penal facility that is best equipped to reform his criminal tendencies. ..."

2. Criminalizing the Seriously Mentally Ill: The Abuse of Jails As Mental Hospitals by Edwin Fuller Torrey, Public Citizens Health Research Group (2002)
"... but not in a jail or other penal facility." General Statutes of North Carolina §122C-263 South Carolina "Admission of persons in jail. ..."

3. No Escape: Male Rape in U.S. Prisons by Joanne Mariner (2001)
"PREDATORS AND VICTIMS ertain prisoners are targeted for sexual assault the moment they enter a penal facility: their age, looks, sexual preference, ..."

4. Lectures Delivered Before the Young Men's Christian Association, 1845-1846 (1861)
"But however it be with houses, do let character have a true front. Imitators have an odd, I think a penal, facility for catching defects. ..."

5. Daytrips Pennsylvania Dutch Country and Philadelphia: 50 One Day Adventures by Earl Steinbicker (1999)
"Continue up to the Old Jail (4), an 1871 penal facility that remained in use until 1995. It was here that the "Molly Maguires," a violent gang of terrorists ..."

6. World Report 2002: The Events of 2001 by Human Rights Watch (Organization (2002)
"Certain prisoners were targeted for sexual exploitation upon entering a penal facility, particularly those who were young, small, physically weak, white, ..."

7. Closing the Budget Gap: How Local Governments Generate $30-$40 Billion by Michael Silverstein (1996)
"Soon after it was opened in 1829 as the country's first large-scale penal facility, its underlying operational philosophy of substituting solitary penance ..."

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