Definition of Pepperbox

1. Noun. a peppershaker ¹

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Definition of Pepperbox

1. [n -ES]

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Literary usage of Pepperbox

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. The Encyclopaedia of Sport by Frederick George Aflalo, Hedley Peek (1897)
"All alike differ from Eton Courts in having no pepperbox, hole, or step ; they are generally covered in and have a back wall which makes slogging less ..."

2. The Archaeological Journal by British Archaeological Association (1918)
"It then turned ENE. along the ridge and the lane by the pepperbox. ... At the pepperbox it was joined by the great ridgeway coming up from Lymington (Road ..."

3. Firearms in American History by Charles Winthrop Sawyer (1920)
"2, pepperbox rifle. Four fixed barrels of the same size, ... The remaining variety of the pepperbox rifle is the one with turning barrel and a separate set ..."

4. Catalogue of the Inaugural Exhibition June 6-September 20, 1916 by Cleveland Museum of Art (1916)
"49 pepperbox. H Engraved BL on body. Mark, EW in rectangle. Edward Winslow. ... 54 pepperbox. Engraved Iohn Bassett, MB on bottom. Mark, I Burt in oval. ..."

5. The Elmira Prison Camp: A History of the Military Prison at Elmira, N.Y by Clayton Wood Holmes (1912)
"Plug nothin'," I yelled, "Get out of our way"—pointing the pepperbox pistol at him. He left. A little while after we heard some one call, and looking back ..."

6. Fraser's Magazine by Thomas Carlyle (1853)
"But when you begin to reflect that the said pepperbox was built by Honorius, or Theo- doric, or Justinian, when you enter the lowly portal, ..."

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