Definition of Period of play

1. Noun. (in games or plays or other performances) the time during which play proceeds. "Rain stopped play in the 4th inning"

Exact synonyms: Play, Playing Period
Generic synonyms: Amount, Measure, Quantity
Category relationships: Game
Group relationships: Athletic Game
Specialized synonyms: Golf Hole, Hole, Set
Terms within: Chukka, Chukker, Frame, Inning, Bout, Round, Turn, First Period, Second Period, Final Period, Half, Period, Quarter, Over
Derivative terms: Play, Play

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Literary usage of Period of play

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. Baily's Magazine of Sports and Pastimes (1898)
"In India, with grounds faster than ours, always full-sized and with no boards, five minutes has been found long enough for each individual period of play. ..."

2. An Introduction to Social Psychology by William McDougall (1921)
"... an adaptation that enables the creature to become better fitted to cope with its environment than it could be if it enjoyed no such period of play. ..."

3. The Inland Educator by Francis M. Stalker, Charles Madison Curry, Walter W. Storms (1896)
"The childhood period is a period of play, period of spontaneous self- assertive, self-revealing reproduction of the child's social and nature environment. ..."

4. The Kindergarten for Teachers and Parents (1897)
"In consequence, the kindergartner needs a knowledge of the child during the period of play, but she needs no less a knowledge of his development during the ..."

5. The Play Movement and Its Significance by Henry Stoddard Curtis (1917)
"... but a period of play in the yard will have the advantage over the gymnasium period that it is in the open air, that it is recreation as well as exercise ..."

6. A Century of English Fox-hunting by George Frederick Underhill (1900)
"... after the expiration of the first ten minutes of each period of play, the game shall be suspended for sufficient time, not exceeding two minutes, ..."

7. A Brief Course in the Teaching Process by George Drayton Strayer (1911)
"Nor should this period of play end when the child enters school. The skillful teacher makes a game of many of the exercises of the school, which might be ..."

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