Definition of Peripherals

1. Noun. (plural of peripheral) ¹

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Definition of Peripherals

1. peripheral [n] - See also: peripheral

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Literary usage of Peripherals

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. Measurements for Competitiveness in Electronics (1994)
"Computer and peripherals In 1990 US shipments of computer and peripheral equipment were $71 billion.21 The world market in computer equipment in 1990 was ..."

2. Deconstructing the Computer: Report of a Symposium by Dale Weldeau Jorgenson, Charles W. Wessner (2005)
"... Panel IV peripherals: Current Technology Trends, continued INTRODUCTION Michael Borrus The Petkevich Group Characterizing the meeting as “phenomenally ..."

3. A History of the Personal Computer: The People and the Technology by Roy A. Allan (2001)
"... Chapter 17 Hardware and peripherals 17.1... Memory The microprocessor was a significant key to lowering the cost of the personal computer. ..."

4. Transactions of the Kansas Academy of Science by Kansas Academy of Science (1901)
"The first is relatively small, joining in its full length the first and second peripherals, and by its apex the third: the second pleural is, perhaps, ..."

5. Transactions of the Annual Meetings of the Kansas Academy of Science by Kansas Academy of Science, Kansas Academy of Science Meeting (1901)
"The margins, however, are- eo closely pressed down upon the peripherals that their precise nature is not, easily made out. ..."

6. A Bibliography of the Personal Computer: The Books and Periodical Articles by Roy A. Allan (2005)
"... Hardware and peripherals Christensen, Clayton M. "The Rigid Disk Drive Industry: A History of Commercial and Technological Turbulence. ..."

7. Technology @ Your Fingertips: A Guide to Implementing Technology Solutions by Gerald Malitz (1999)
"Identifying peripherals B peripheral is any component that attaches to your system unit such as a monitor, keyboard, mouse, modem, CD-ROM, printer, scanner, ..."

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