Definition of Peripheries

1. Noun. (plural of periphery) ¹

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Definition of Peripheries

1. periphery [n] - See also: periphery

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Literary usage of Peripheries

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. Spons' Dictionary of Engineering, Civil, Mechanical, Military, and Naval by Edward Spon, Oliver Byrne (1874)
"When the grindstones diminish in diameter, the bearings d in which they revolv the peripheries iu contact, by tka attendant i diameter the bearings d in ..."

2. Handbook of Diseases of the Skin by Hugo Ziemssen (1885)
"... more such eruptive territories adjoin so closely that their peripheries blend with each other, thus resulting in larger patches of scabies. ..."

3. The Elements of Graphic Statics and of General Graphic Methods by William Ledyard Cathcart, Jonathan Irvin Chaffee (1910)
"Areas of Figures whose peripheries are partially or wholly Curvilinear. When an area is bounded, wholly or in part, by curves, graphic processes for its ..."

4. Newton's London Journal of Arts and Sciences: Being Record of the Progress by William Newton, Charles Frederick Partington (1841)
"... that is, open cylinders, the peripheries of which are formed of rails;—round these drums the length of paper is conducted, in a serpentine course, ..."

5. Suggestions in Reference to the Metallic Currency of the United States of by Ernest Seyd (1871)
"... and may also be driven at half the speed, and yet their larger peripheries will " flatten " double as much as the others, as this illustration shows. ..."

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