Definition of Phone booth

1. Noun. Booth for using a telephone.

Definition of Phone booth

1. Noun. a telephone booth ¹

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Literary usage of Phone booth

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. C3I: Issues of Command and Control edited by Thomas P. Coakley (1991)
"Because the phone booth is there, and nobody knows I'm walking up to it, and yet I have the guarantee that no matter what phone booth I walk up to I can ..."

2. Cats in a Chowder by Fred J Schneider (2006)
"Sal pulled me into the phone booth as I passed. "They found me." "Who?" "Everyone." "Who's ev—?" "Shhh. I must go. I have received my orders. ..."

3. Telecentres, Access and Development: Experience and Lessons from Uganda and by Sarah Parkinson (2005)
"Owner/operator, public phone booth, Kabale Privately owned and run phone shops existed in all case study sites except ..."

4. The Edison Monthly by New York Edison Company (1912)
"Aired by a Motor-Driven Ventilating Set 'phone booth Ventilation HAVE you ever come out of a telephone booth on a wann «lay feeling that you \\ere emerging ..."

5. The Theatre of Science: A Volume of Progress and Achievement in the Motion by Robert Grau (1914)
"Then I rushed to the 'phone booth to tell Mr. Shea the good news. Again I heard distinctly. The sensation was so invigorating and inspiring that I need ..."

6. Germany for Germans: Xenophobia and Racist Violence in Germany by Maryellen Fullerton (1995)
"Several other people in line used the phone booth before I realized I had forgotten my card. I went to a man who works at that post office and asked if he ..."

7. Sri Lanka by Elke Frey, Gerhard Lemmer, Jayanthi Namasivayam (2001)
"You can generally buy phone cards in the shop nearest the phone booth. Some hotels now offer Internet access. Internet cafe: Speed, 57 Galle Road, ..."

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