Definition of Pigs' knuckles

1. Noun. Feet or knuckles of hogs used as food; pickled or stewed or jellied.

Exact synonyms: Pigs' Feet
Generic synonyms: Porc, Pork

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Literary usage of Pigs' knuckles

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. Pieces of Hate and Other Enthusiasms by Heywood Broun (1922)
"B—Bring me some pigs' knuckles. At this point A hit B for the second time and again called him a fool. A—Why did you say, "Bring me some pigs' knuckles? ..."

2. European and American Cuisine by Mrs. Gesine Knubel Lemcke, Gesine Lemcke (1914)
"Another way is to put some pigs' knuckles in a saucepan over the fire, cover with boiling water, and cook 1 hour; then add the sauerkraut and cook Iy, hour. ..."

3. The Lure of the Labrador Wild: The Story of the Exploring Expedition by Dillon Wallace, Leonidas Hubbard (1905)
"Well," confided Hubbard, " I know a place down on Park Row where they serve the best pigs' knuckles you ever ate. I used to go there for them when I was on ..."

4. The Book of Humorous Verse by Carolyn Wells (1920)
"Now, for breakfast, prunes arc dandy If a stomach pump is handy And your doctor can be found quite soon enough. Eat a plate of fine pigs' knuckles And the ..."

5. Private Lives of Kaiser William II, and His Consort: Secret History of the by Henry William Fischer (1909)
"... have golden stars and spurs instead of pigs' knuckles with their sour-crout to-day." All of us laughed at the Duke's sally, for the chief of cabinet's ..."

6. Full Up and Fed Up: The Worker's Mind in Crowded Britain by Whiting Williams (1921)
"... pigs' knuckles and toes, or cows' heels. The girls were young— surprisingly young—and especially when the swings rose highest or the merry-go-round went ..."

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