Definition of Police investigation

1. Noun. The investigation of criminal activities.

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Literary usage of Police investigation

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. South Africa Half-hearted Reform: The Official Response to the Rising Tide by Mary McGovern, Bronwen Manby (1993)
"police investigation of Train Attacks. Train attacks have resulted in approximately 300 deaths in the past two years, with 204 deaths occurring in the first ..."

2. Colombia's Killer Networks: The Military-paramilitary Partnership and the by Human Rights Watch/Americas, Arms Project (Human Rights Watch) (1996)
"1" This police investigation demonstrates two crucial points. ... A police investigation begun six days after the massacre established the following ..."

3. Final Justice: Police and Death Squad Homicides of Adolescents in Brazil by Ben Penglase (1994)
"The military police investigation, which would have been the only investigation if the special Commission had not been set up, concluded that the police ..."

4. Fitful Peace: Human Rights and Reconciliation in Nicaragua Under the by Cynthia Arnson, David Holiday (1991)
"The police investigation has been seriously lacking in credibility. Witnesses who talked to the Genie family have apparently feared giving their testimony ..."

5. The Struggle for Land in Brazil: Rural Violence Continues by Jemera Rone (1992)
"... to the CPT and the federal police of their treatment.61 A year later, this case was neither being prosecuted nor the subject of police investigation. ..."

6. Criminal Victimisation in the Developing World edited by Ugljesa Zvekic, Anna Alvazzi Del Frate (1996)
"Once the police investigation is completed, it has to be handed over to the Public Prosecution who can take one of the following steps: decide to proceed ..."

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