Definition of Police precinct

1. Noun. A precinct in which law enforcement is the responsibility of particular police force.

Generic synonyms: Precinct

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Literary usage of Police precinct

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. The Social Evil in Chicago: A Study of Existing Conditions with by Chicago (Ill.). Vice Commission (1911)
"... and 9 houses in the 2nd police precinct; I hotels, ... and 42 flats in the 3rd police precinct; 3 houses tad 101 flats in the 4th precinct; ..."

2. Police Brutality in Urban Brazil by James Cavallaro (1997)
"October 16, 1994; Statement of Luiz Pedro de Souza, Sixth police precinct, Santa Rita (Paraiba), October 16, 1994: Statement of Jose Nunes da ..."

3. Youth Violence: Developing Local and State Solutions Hearings Before the edited by Fred Thompson (1998)
"In Dyersburg, the Police Department and the Bruce neighborhood decided they •wanted a neighborhood police precinct to help reduce the crime in their area. ..."

4. Cleveland Hospital and Health Survey by Cleveland Hospital Council (1920)
"Twelve of the police precinct stations were visited by our investigator with the ... On Sunday each police precinct is telephoned, and visits are made only ..."

5. The New York City Police Department's "Stop and Frisk" Practices: A Report by Eliot Spitzer (2000)
"Mr. Powell believes that, while the 70th police precinct and the community it covers have come a long way, there still is a long way to go. ..."

6. Behind Bars in Brazil by Joanne Mariner, James Cavallaro (1998)
"In mid-November 1997, the day after an escape attempt at Sao Paulo's ninth police precinct, about ten special police shock troops entered the facility and ..."

7. Principles of Prussian Administration by Herman Gerlach James (1913)
"... out of state subventions — except where a single Commune or Manorial Precinct constitutes a police precinct — and precinct taxes, so far as necessary. ..."

8. Statutes at Large of the State of New York: Comprising the Revised Statutes by New York (State)., John Worth Edmonds (1882)
"It shall be the duty of every physician thus called to the medical assistance of any person within the police precinct m which he is registered to transmit ..."

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