Definition of Powder blue

1. Noun. A pale blue color with grey in it.

Generic synonyms: Blue, Blueness

2. Adjective. Of a moderate to pale blue or purplish blue.
Exact synonyms: Powdery-blue
Similar to: Chromatic

Definition of Powder blue

1. Noun. A very pale blue colour. ¹

2. Adjective. Of a very pale blue colour. ¹

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Literary usage of Powder blue

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. Pottery and Porcelain: A Guide to Collectors by Frederick Litchfield (1900)
"Fine Specimen of Old powder blue Chinese Porcelain, with panels of green enamel. In the author's possession. In the class of " famille rose " is also ..."

2. Pharmaceutical Journal by Royal Pharmaceutical Society of Great Britain (1847)
"... blue colour or starch ; powder blue ; the purest and darkest sorts as king's ... except as powder blue, and strewed over a half- dried varnish coating. ..."

3. Catalogue of the Morgan Collection of Chinese Porcelains by Stephen Wootton Bushell, William Mackay Laffan (1907)
"Powder-blue; reserves with floral decoration in dark blue. ... Powder-blue; reserves containing landscape and other decoration in dark blue. ..."

4. Transactions of the American Ceramic Society Containing the Papers and by American Ceramic Society (1911)
"To guard against fluctuation of purity of the raw materials, we use a little more manganese than necessary, and add a small amount of powder blue to mask ..."

5. A General Collection of the Best and Most Interesting Voyages and Travels in by John Pinkerton (1809)
"... with the cobalt-ore, in order to obtain the powder-blue. The ore being calcined, reduced to powder, and refined, yields the blue powder fo much ufed. ..."

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