Definition of Prairie rattler

1. Noun. Widely distributed between the Mississippi and the Rockies.

Exact synonyms: Crotalus Viridis, Prairie Rattlesnake, Western Rattlesnake
Generic synonyms: Rattler, Rattlesnake
Group relationships: Crotalus, Genus Crotalus

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Literary usage of Prairie rattler

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. History of Hall County, Nebraska: A Narrative of the Past with Special by August F. Buechler, Robert J. Barr, Dale P. Stough (1920)
"... the prairie rattler, the common bull snake, the water moccasin, the puffing adder, and other forms of reptilian life abounded about the woods, ..."

2. When Kansas was Young by Thomas Allen McNeal (1922)
"But on account of an adventure he had had with a prairie rattler, which, according to William and ..."

3. How Marcus Whitman Saved Oregon: A True Romance of Patriotic Heroism by Oliver Woodson Nixon (1895)
"We were introduced to the prairie rattler very early in the journey and some had sport over it. We all wore high, rattlesnake boots; they were heavy and ..."

4. Some Big Game Hunts by Albert Hawes Cordier (1911)
"Having been bitten by a Kansas prairie rattler a number of years ago, I am inclined to take a safe position when near this snake, hence, one night when we ..."

5. Explorations Into the World of Lewis and Clark: 194 Essays from the Pages of by Robert A. Saindon (2003)
"Two kinds of turtles and three different snakes, including the prairie rattler, the western hog- nosed snake, and the ubiquitous western garter snake were ..."

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