Definition of Prairie soil

1. Noun. A type of soil occurring under grasses in temperate climates.

Generic synonyms: Dirt, Soil

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Literary usage of Prairie soil

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. Prairie Farming in America by James Caird (1859)
"Nature of prairie soil.—Its Chemical Composition. —Rich in Nitrogen. — Wheat Culture and Produce.—Indian Corn.—Facility of Culture.—Oats.—Barley.—Sorghum. ..."

2. Prairie Farming in America: With Notes by the Way on Canada and the United by James Caird (1859)
"Nature of prairie soil. — Its chemical Composition. •— Kich in Nitrogen. — Wheat Culture and Produce. —Indian Corn. — Facility of Culture. — Oats. — Barley. ..."

3. The Journal of Geography (1915)
"The prairie soil is the black upland soil. It is usually underlain by brown loam, and was originally about as fertile as the alluvial soil. ..."

4. Science by American Association for the Advancement of Science (1884)
"I have so far spoken of the facility with which trees will grow upon prairie-soil by artificial planting. I have now to speak of another phase of the ..."

5. Annual Report by Illinois Farmers' Institute (1903)
"Principal type: Brown prairie soil, common in the following counties: Case, ... Principal type: Dark brown rolling prairie soil, common in the following ..."

6. Publications of the Mississippi Historical Society by Mississippi Historical Society, Franklin Lafayette Riley (1913)
"It is in the Jackson prairie belt, consisting for the most part of rolling, black, upland, prairie soil. This kind of soil covers at least one-fifth of the ..."

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