Definition of Public-relations campaign

1. Noun. An advertising campaign intended to improve public relations.

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Literary usage of Public-relations campaign

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. Employers and Child Care: Benefiting Work and Family (1994)
"A person-to-person public relations campaign also can stimulate support for a new program. Persons who were instrumental in program planning or satisfied ..."

2. Security Awareness in the 1980s: Featured Articles From Security Awareness (1992)
"The American public must interpret Soviet public statements and the ongoing Soviet public relations campaign to demonstrate a most un-Soviet-like openness, ..."

3. Managing Diplomacy: The United States and Japan by Harrison M. Holland (1984)
"What is needed more than a public relations campaign, in my view, is a greater effort by the media and by Japanese leaders to enlighten the public about ..."

4. Defining Social Acceptability in Ecosystem Management: A Workshop Proceeding edited by Mark W. Brunson, Linda E. Kruger, Catherine B. Tyler, Susan A. Schroeder (1997)
"A public relations campaign to stop littering eventually led to legislation making littering a crime punishable by a fine. When Lady Bird Johnson began her ..."

5. Are Military Adultery Standards Changing: Congressional Hearing edited by Sam Brownback (2000)
"As the public relations campaign continued, local commanders received more criticism than support from Washington. Given this experience, why would a ..."

6. The "Sixth Division": Military-paramilitary Ties and U.S. Policy in Colombia by Joanne Mariner, Human Rights Watch (Organization), Malcolm Smart (2001)
"THE PASTRANA ADMINISTRATION While the military aggressively pursues a public relations campaign to clean up its image, on the ground it continues to ..."

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