Definition of Queen consort

1. Noun. The wife of a reigning king.

Generic synonyms: Queen

Definition of Queen consort

1. Noun. The wife of a reigning king. ¹

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Literary usage of Queen consort

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. Commentaries on the Laws of England by William Blackstone, William Carey Jones (1915)
"(2) Other perquisites of the queen consort.—Another ancient perquisite belonging to the queen consort, mentioned by all our old writers,1 and, ..."

2. New Commentaries on the Laws of England: (Partly Founded on Blackstone) by Henry John Stephen, James Stephen (1858)
"[The queen of England is either queen regent, queen consort, or queen dowager. ... But the queen consort is the wife of the reigning king ; and she, ..."

3. Lives of the Queens of England: From the Norman Conquest by Agnes Strickland (1885)
"Her political position was, nevertheless, more important than any queen- consort of England, since she was the wife of the tint monarch whose sovereignty ..."

4. Daniel Defoe: His Life, and Recently Discovered Writings ; Extending from by Lee, William, Daniel Defoe (1869)
"A queen consort Four Tears Old. AJ, Mar. 3.—On the 2nd March, the Infanta Queen, (that is now her Title,) made her publick Entry into Paris with such ..."

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