Definition of Ram

1. Noun. The most common computer memory which can be used by programs to perform necessary tasks while the computer is on; an integrated circuit memory chip allows information to be stored or accessed in any order and all storage locations are equally accessible.

2. Verb. Strike or drive against with a heavy impact. "Pound on the door"
Exact synonyms: Pound, Ram Down
Generic synonyms: Thrust
Derivative terms: Pound, Rammer

3. Noun. (astrology) a person who is born while the sun is in Aries.
Exact synonyms: Aries
Generic synonyms: Individual, Mortal, Person, Somebody, Someone, Soul
Category relationships: Astrology, Star Divination

4. Verb. Force into or from an action or state, either physically or metaphorically. "He drives me mad"
Exact synonyms: Drive, Force
Specialized synonyms: Toe, Toenail
Related verbs: Drive, Drive
Generic synonyms: Thrust
Derivative terms: Drive
Also: Drive In, Ram Down

5. Noun. The first sign of the zodiac which the sun enters at the vernal equinox; the sun is in this sign from about March 21 to April 19.

6. Verb. Undergo damage or destruction on impact. "These cars won't ram "; "The car crashed into the lamp post"
Exact synonyms: Crash
Generic synonyms: Clash, Collide
Derivative terms: Crash, Crash

7. Noun. A tool for driving or forcing something by impact.
Specialized synonyms: Battering Ram, Rammer
Terms within: Head
Generic synonyms: Tool

8. Verb. Crowd or pack to capacity. "They ram the books into the box"; "The theater was jampacked"
Exact synonyms: Chock Up, Cram, Jam, Jampack, Wad
Generic synonyms: Stuff
Related verbs: Cram
Derivative terms: Jam, Wad

9. Noun. Uncastrated adult male sheep. "A British term is `tup'"
Exact synonyms: Tup
Terms within: Horn
Generic synonyms: Sheep

Definition of Ram

1. n. The male of the sheep and allied animals. In some parts of England a ram is called a tup.

2. v. t. To butt or strike against; to drive a ram against or through; to thrust or drive with violence; to force in; to drive together; to cram; as, to ram an enemy's vessel; to ram piles, cartridges, etc.

Definition of Ram

1. Acronym. (electronics computing) random access memory ¹

2. Acronym. (context: project management) responsibility assignment matrix ¹

3. Acronym. (context: risk management) reliability availability maintainability ¹

4. Acronym. (military) radar absorbant material, a material absorbant to radar ¹

5. Proper noun. Another name for the constellation Aries. ¹

6. Noun. (soccer) someone connected with Derby County Football Club, as a fan, player, coach etc. ¹

7. Noun. A male sheep. ¹

8. Noun. A battering ram; a heavy object used for breaking through doors. ¹

9. Noun. A warship intended to sink other ships by ramming them. ¹

10. Noun. A piston powered by hydraulic pressure. ¹

11. Verb. (transitive) To intentionally collide with (a ship) with the intention of damaging or sinking it. ¹

12. Verb. (transitive) To strike (something) hard, especially with an implement. ¹

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Definition of Ram

1. to strike with great force [v RAMMED, RAMMING, RAMS]

Medical Definition of Ram

1. 1. The male of the sheep and allied animals. In some parts of England a ram is called a tup. 2. Aries, the sign of the zodiac which the sun enters about the 21st of March. The constellation Aries, which does not now, as formerly, occupy the sign of the same name. 3. An engine of war used for butting or battering. Specifically: In ancient warfare, a long beam suspended by slings in a framework, and used for battering the walls of cities; a battering-ram. A heavy steel or iron beak attached to the prow of a steam war vessel for piercing or cutting down the vessel of an enemy; also, a vessel carrying such a beak. 4. A hydraulic ram. See Hydraulic. 5. The weight which strikes the blow, in a pile driver, steam hammer, stamp mill, or the like. 6. The plunger of a hydraulic press. Ram's horn. A low semicircular work situated in and commanding a ditch. Alternative forms: ramshorn] . An ammonite. Origin: AS. Ramm, ram; akin to OHG. & D. Ram, Prov. G. Ramm, and perh. To Icel. Ramr strong. Source: Websters Dictionary (01 Mar 1998)

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