Definition of Readability

1. Noun. The quality of written language that makes it easy to read and understand.

Generic synonyms: Intelligibility
Derivative terms: Readable

2. Noun. A quality of writing (print or handwriting) that can be easily read.
Exact synonyms: Legibility
Category relationships: Handwriting
Generic synonyms: Comprehensibility, Understandability
Antonyms: Illegibility
Derivative terms: Legible, Readable

Definition of Readability

1. n. The state of being readable; readableness.

Definition of Readability

1. Noun. The property of being capable of being read; legibility. ¹

2. Noun. The property of being easy or engaging to read. ¹

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Definition of Readability

1. [n -TIES]

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Literary usage of Readability

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. Making Health Communication Programs Work: A Planner's Guide (1993)
"Consequently, readability testing supplements but does not supplant the ... Despite its limitations, readability testing is useful because it: B is quick 5. ..."

2. A Plain English Handbook: How to Create Clear Sec Disclosure Documents edited by Nancy M. Smith (2001)
"However, you should be aware of a major flaw in every readability formula. ... Of course, if you applied a readability formula to a traditional disclosure ..."

3. Content Area Reading: A Heuristic Approach by Anthony V. Manzo, Ula Casale Manzo (1990)
"Solution of the formula yielded a grade level readability index (Dale 6- Chall, 1948; ... Simplified readability procedures, such as those described in the ..."

4. Guided Reading Basics: Organizing, Managing and Implementing a Balanced by Lori Rog (2003)
"readability The most important consideration in book selection is not the topic, theme, or genre; it is the degree of difficulty for each student. ..."

5. Communicating With Parents: Training Guides For The Head Start Learning by DIANE Publishing Company (2004)
"Purpose: Participants will learn how to use a "readability" formula to check whether ... What readability formulas do: readability formulas provide a rough ..."

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