Definition of Red dwarf

1. Noun. A small, old, relatively cool star; approximately 100 times the mass of Jupiter.

Exact synonyms: Red Dwarf Star
Specialized synonyms: Flare Star
Generic synonyms: Star

Definition of Red dwarf

1. Noun. (star) A small, relatively cool star of the main sequence; most stars in the Milky Way are red dwarfs. ¹

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Literary usage of Red dwarf

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. Astronomy for Young Folks by Isabel Martin Lewis (1922)
"We have traced the evolution of a star from a red giant to a red dwarf through the intermediate stages from yellow giant to a giant helium star with ..."

2. The Folk-lorist: Journal of the Chicago Folk-lore Society by Chicago Folk-lore Society (1892)
"Mr. Leland, in his introduction, emphasizes the fact that the red-dwarf (woodpecker) figures as a hero in several stories. He says: "While it might very ..."

3. Report by New Jersey Agricultural Experiment Station Botanical Dept (1908)
""Giant Red" "Dwarf White" "Giant Red-Dwarf White" blend " Dwarf White-Giant Red" blend "Dwarf White-Giant Red" I 4 All red with trace of yellow. ..."

4. A Daughter of New France: With Some Account of the Gallant Sieur Cadillac by Mary Catherine Crowley (1901)
"She invoked the red dwarf; she came to a Medicine Man of the tribe, and telling him her story, ... So this infernal red dwarf is one of your Medicine Men? ..."

5. Annual Report by Columbus Horticultural Society, Columbus, Ohio (1897)
"I am inclined to think it a cross between some of the better red sorts, such as the Stone, and the Dwarf, for I have produced, as I said before, red Dwarf ..."

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