Definition of Red fox

1. Noun. Weedy annual with spikes of silver-white flowers.

Exact synonyms: Celosia Argentea
Group relationships: Celosia, Genus Celosia
Generic synonyms: Herb, Herbaceous Plant

2. Noun. New World fox; often considered the same species as the Old World fox.
Exact synonyms: Vulpes Fulva
Generic synonyms: Fox
Group relationships: Genus Vulpes, Vulpes

3. Noun. The common Old World fox; having reddish-brown fur; commonly considered a single circumpolar species.
Exact synonyms: Vulpes Vulpes
Generic synonyms: Fox
Group relationships: Genus Vulpes, Vulpes
Specialized synonyms: Black Fox, Silver Fox

Definition of Red fox

1. Noun. A common species of fox, ''Vulpes vulpes'' native to North America, Asia, Europe and North Africa; small, with reddish fur, but larger than the arctic fox. ¹

2. Noun. A flowering plant, ''Celosia argentea'', having brightly coloured flowers of several shades. ¹

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Literary usage of Red fox

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. Putnam's Magazine: Original Papers on Literature, Science, Art, and National by John Walter Osborne (1870)
"Some naturalists think there are but two permanent species of the fos in the United States, viz., the Gray fox and the red fox, though there arc five or sis ..."

2. The American Naturalist by American Society of Naturalists, Essex Institute (1876)
"that no remains of the red fox have been found in the Carlisle and other bone caves of Pennsylvania, while those of the gray fox are abundantly represented ..."

3. American Animals: A Popular Guide to the Mammals of North America North of by Witmer Stone, William Everett Cram (1902)
"Nova Scotia red fox. red fox. Vulpes fulvus brighter rusty red. Range. Nova Scotia. ... Smaller than the red fox, with larger hind feet and claws. ..."

4. The New American Cyclopaedia: A Popular Dictionary of General Knowledge by George Ripley, Charles Anderson Dana (1859)
"The European red fox is a different species, the fur being less soft and long, and the tail less bushy and more tapering; ..."

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