Definition of Rheumatiz

1. Noun. (dialect) rheumatism ¹

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Definition of Rheumatiz

1. [n -ES]

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Literary usage of Rheumatiz

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. Sunset by Southern Pacific Company, Southern Pacific Company. Passenger Dept (1910)
""But I suppose lots of 'em die from sickness and measles and rheumatiz," continued Mr. Huff. "An' by the way, Cis', how's your rheumatiz cure gettin' along? ..."

2. The Church at Play: A Manual for Directors of Social and Recreational Life by Norman Egbert Richardson (1922)
"rheumatiz. 145. Song of the States. 146. Why Don't It Rain on Me? 147. Row, Row Your Boat. 148. John Brown's Baby. 149. Siamese National Air. ..."

3. Somerset House Gazette, and Literary Museum; Or, Weekly Miscellany of Fine edited by William Henry Pyne (1824)
"... particularly Master Maul, the bone-setter, a man who doctor'd for the rheumatiz, when Pick-a-back would up to his knees be seen at the mill-tail, ..."

4. Pembroke by Mary Eleanor Wilkins Freeman (1899)
"There ain't no need of havin' the rheumatiz, accordin' to my way of thinkin'," ... Folks with rheumatiz had ought to drink all the water they can swaller. ..."

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