Definition of Rib

1. Noun. Support resembling the rib of an animal.

Group relationships: Hull, Umbrella, Wing
Specialized synonyms: Screw Thread, Thread
Generic synonyms: Support

2. Verb. Form vertical ribs by knitting. "A ribbed sweater"
Category relationships: Handicraft
Generic synonyms: Knit

3. Noun. Any of the 12 pairs of curved arches of bone extending from the spine to or toward the sternum in humans (and similar bones in most vertebrates).
Exact synonyms: Costa
Group relationships: Craniate, Vertebrate
Category relationships: Craniate, Vertebrate
Generic synonyms: Bone, Os
Specialized synonyms: True Rib
Terms within: Costal Cartilage
Derivative terms: Costal

4. Verb. Subject to laughter or ridicule. "His former students roasted the professor at his 60th birthday"
Exact synonyms: Blackguard, Guy, Jest At, Laugh At, Make Fun, Poke Fun, Ridicule, Roast
Generic synonyms: Bemock, Mock
Specialized synonyms: Tease, Lampoon, Satirise, Satirize, Debunk, Expose, Stultify
Derivative terms: Ribbing, Ridicule, Ridicule, Ridiculer, Roast

5. Noun. Cut of meat including one or more ribs.
Generic synonyms: Cut, Cut Of Meat
Specialized synonyms: Sparerib
Terms within: Rib Roast, Standing Rib Roast

6. Noun. A teasing remark.
Generic synonyms: Comment, Input, Remark

7. Noun. A riblike supporting or strengthening part of an animal or plant.

8. Noun. A projecting molding on the underside of a vault or ceiling; may be ornamental or structural.
Generic synonyms: Molding, Moulding

Definition of Rib

1. n. One of the curved bones attached to the vertebral column and supporting the lateral walls of the thorax.

2. v. t. To furnish with ribs; to form with rising lines and channels; as, to rib cloth.

Definition of Rib

1. Acronym. Rigid Inflatable Boat — A lightweight inflatable boat with a rigid hull. ¹

2. Noun. Any of a series of long curved bones occurring in 12 pairs in humans and other animals and extending from the spine to or toward the sternum ¹

3. Noun. A part or piece, similar to a rib, and serving to shape or support something ¹

4. Noun. A cut of meat enclosing one or more rib bones ¹

5. Noun. (nautical) Any of several curved members attached to a ship's keel and extending upward and outward to form the framework of the hull ¹

6. Noun. Any of several transverse pieces that provide an aircraft wing with shape and strength ¹

7. Noun. (architecture) A long, narrow, usually arched member projecting from the surface of a structure, especially such a member separating the webs of a vault ¹

8. Noun. (knitting) A raised ridge in knitted material or in cloth ¹

9. Noun. (botany) The main, or any of the prominent veins of a leaf ¹

10. Noun. A teasing joke ¹

11. Noun. (Ireland colloquial) A single strand of hair. ¹

12. Noun. A stalk of celery. ¹

13. Verb. To shape, support, or provide something with a rib or ribs ¹

14. Verb. To tease or make fun of someone ¹

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Definition of Rib

1. to poke fun at [v RIBBED, RIBBING, RIBS]

Medical Definition of Rib

1. 1. One of the curved bones attached to the vertebral column and supporting the lateral walls of the thorax. In man there are twelve ribs on each side, of which the upper seven are directly connected with the sternum by cartilages, and are called sternal, or true, ribs. The remaining five pairs are called asternal, or false, ribs, and of these each of the three upper pairs is attached to the cartilage of the rib above, while the two lower pairs are free at the ventral ends, and are called floating ribs. 2. That which resembles a rib in form or use. Specifically: A ridge, fin, or wing, as on a plate, cylinder, beam, etc, to strengthen or stiffen it. One of the rods on which the cover of an umbrella is extended. 3. The chief nerve, or one of the chief nerves, of a leaf. Any longitudinal ridge in a plant. Origin: AS. Rib, ribb; akin to D. Rib, G. Rippe, OHG. Rippa, rippi, Dan. Ribbe, Icel. Rif, Russ. Rebro. Source: Websters Dictionary (01 Mar 1998)

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