Definition of Rig

1. Noun. Gear (including necessary machinery) for a particular enterprise.

Specialized synonyms: Drill Rig, Drilling Rig, Oil Rig, Oilrig
Generic synonyms: Appurtenance, Gear, Paraphernalia

2. Verb. Arrange the outcome of by means of deceit. "Rig an election"
Exact synonyms: Set Up
Generic synonyms: Cheat, Chisel

3. Noun. A truck consisting of a tractor and trailer together.
Exact synonyms: Articulated Lorry, Semi, Tractor Trailer, Trailer Truck, Trucking Rig
Terms within: Semi, Semitrailer, Trailer
Specialized synonyms: Tandem Trailer
Generic synonyms: Motortruck, Truck

4. Verb. Manipulate in a fraudulent manner. "Rig prices"
Exact synonyms: Manipulate
Generic synonyms: Price

5. Noun. Formation of masts, spars, sails, etc., on a vessel.
Exact synonyms: Rigging
Specialized synonyms: Bermuda Rig, Bermudan Rig, Bermudian Rig, Marconi Rig, Cat Rig, Fore-and-aft Rig, Lateen-rig
Generic synonyms: Formation

6. Verb. Connect or secure to. "They rigged the bomb to the ignition"
Generic synonyms: Fasten, Fix, Secure

7. Noun. A set of clothing (with accessories). "His getup was exceedingly elegant"
Exact synonyms: Getup, Outfit, Turnout
Generic synonyms: Attire, Dress, Garb
Specialized synonyms: Bib-and-tucker, Ensemble, Playsuit, Trousseau
Derivative terms: Get Up, Outfit, Turn Out

8. Verb. Equip with sails or masts. "Rig a ship"
Exact synonyms: Set, Set Up
Generic synonyms: Equip, Fit, Fit Out, Outfit
Derivative terms: Rigger, Rigging, Rigging

9. Noun. Gear used in fishing.

10. Noun. A vehicle with wheels drawn by one or more horses.

11. Noun. The act of swindling by some fraudulent scheme. "That book is a fraud"

Definition of Rig

1. n. A ridge.

2. v. t. To furnish with apparatus or gear; to fit with tackling.

3. n. The peculiar fitting in shape, number, and arrangement of sails and masts, by which different types of vessels are distinguished; as, schooner rig, ship rig, etc. See Illustration in Appendix.

4. n. A romp; a wanton; one given to unbecoming conduct.

5. v. i. To play the wanton; to act in an unbecoming manner; to play tricks.

6. v. t. To make free with; hence, to steal; to pilfer.

Definition of Rig

1. Noun. (slang nautical) The rigging of a sailing ship or other such craft. ¹

2. Noun. Special equipment or gear used for a particular purpose. ¹

3. Noun. (American English) A large truck such as a semi-tractor. ¹

4. Noun. The special apparatus used for drilling wells. ¹

5. Noun. (informal) A costume or an outfit. ¹

6. Noun. (slang computing) Computer case, often modified for looks. ¹

7. Noun. An imperfectly castrated horse, sheep etc. ¹

8. Noun. (slang) A Citizens' band radio. ¹

9. Verb. (transitive) To fit out with a harness or other equipment. ¹

10. Verb. (transitive) (nautical) To equip and fit a ship with sails, shrouds, and yards. ¹

11. Verb. (transitive) (informal) To dress or clothe in some costume. ¹

12. Verb. (transitive) To make or construct something in haste or in a makeshift manner. ¹

13. Verb. (transitive) To manipulate something dishonestly for personal gain or discriminatory purposes. ¹

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Definition of Rig

1. to put in proper condition for use [v RIGGED, RIGGING, RIGS]

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