Definition of Road mender

1. Noun. A workman who is employed to repair roads.

Exact synonyms: Roadman
Generic synonyms: Working Man, Working Person, Workingman, Workman

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Literary usage of Road mender

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. Les Misérables by Victor Hugo (1887)
"returned the road-mender, " so you don't know that the road is under repair? ... He followed the road-mender's advice, retraced his steps, and, ..."

2. Annual Report of the Governor of Puerto Rico by Puerto Rico Governor (1918)
"This amount, therefore, represents only the cost of that work which had to be rushed to completion, or was of such a volume that the road mender alone could ..."

3. The Dickens Dictionary: A Key to the Characters and Principal Incidents in by Gilbert Ashville Pierce (1900)
"... and the road-mender enter, and Boon follow the three Jacques to the garret once occupied by lector Manette; the road-mender tells of Gaspard, ..."

4. Rambles Among the Hills in the Peak of Derbyshire, and the South Downs by Louis John Jennings (1880)
"The road mender.—A Windmill broke Loose.— " Nothing but Bad Luck."—Rabbits and " Tigs."—Some Advice Concerning Bees.—Wilmington and Jevington. ..."

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