Definition of Roast

1. Noun. A piece of meat roasted or for roasting and of a size for slicing into more than one portion.

2. Verb. Cook with dry heat, usually in an oven. "The chefs roast the vegetables"; "Roast the turkey"
Category relationships: Cookery, Cooking, Preparation
Generic synonyms: Cook
Specialized synonyms: Pan Roast
Derivative terms: Roaster, Roaster, Roasting

3. Adjective. (meat) cooked by dry heat in an oven.
Exact synonyms: Roasted
Similar to: Cooked

4. Noun. Negative criticism.
Exact synonyms: Knock
Generic synonyms: Criticism, Critique

5. Verb. Subject to laughter or ridicule. "His former students roasted the professor at his 60th birthday"
Exact synonyms: Blackguard, Guy, Jest At, Laugh At, Make Fun, Poke Fun, Rib, Ridicule
Generic synonyms: Bemock, Mock
Specialized synonyms: Tease, Lampoon, Satirise, Satirize, Debunk, Expose, Stultify
Derivative terms: Rib, Ribbing, Ridicule, Ridicule, Ridiculer

Definition of Roast

1. v. t. To cook by exposure to radiant heat before a fire; as, to roast meat on a spit, or in an oven open toward the fire and having reflecting surfaces within; also, to cook in a close oven.

2. v. i. To cook meat, fish, etc., by heat, as before the fire or in an oven.

3. n. That which is roasted; a piece of meat which has been roasted, or is suitable for being roasted.

4. a. Roasted; as, roast beef.

Definition of Roast

1. Verb. (transitive) To cook food by heating in an oven or over fire without covering, resulting in a crisp, possibly even slightly charred appearance to the food. ¹

2. Verb. (transitive) To process by drying through exposure to sun or artificial heat ¹

3. Verb. (figuratively) (transitive) To admonish someone vigorously ¹

4. Verb. (figuratively) (transitive) To subject to bantering, severely criticize, sometimes as a comedy routine. ¹

5. Verb. (intransitive) To undergo roasting in any of the above senses ¹

6. Noun. A cut of meat suited to roasting ¹

7. Noun. A meal consisting of roast foods. ¹

8. Noun. (Originally fraternal) A comical event where a person is subjected to verbal attack, yet may be praised by sarcasm and jokes. ¹

9. Adjective. having been cooked by roasting ¹

10. Adjective. (figuratively) subjected to roasting, bantered, severely criticized ¹

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Definition of Roast

1. to cook with dry heat [v -ED, -ING, -S]

Medical Definition of Roast

1. 1. To cook meat, fish, etc, by heat, as before the fire or in an oven. "He could roast, and seethe, and broil, and fry." (Chaucer) 2. To undergo the process of being roasted. 1. To cook by exposure to radiant heat before a fire; as, to roast meat on a spit, or in an oven open toward the fire and having reflecting surfaces within; also, to cook in a close oven. 2. To cook by surrounding with hot embers, ashes, sand, etc.; as, to roast a potato in ashes. "In eggs boiled and roasted there is scarce difference to be discerned." (BAcon) 3. To dry and parch by exposure to heat; as, to roast coffee; to roast chestnuts, or peanuts. 4. Hence, to heat to excess; to heat violently; to burn. "Roasted in wrath and fire." 5. To dissipate by heat the volatile parts of, as ores. 6. To banter severely. Origin: OE. Rosten, OF. Rostir, F. Rotir; of German origin; cf. OHG. Rosten, G. Rosten, fr. OHG. Rost, rosta, gridiron, G. Rost; cf. AS. Hyrstan to roast. Source: Websters Dictionary (01 Mar 1998)

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Literary usage of Roast

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. Outlines of Industrial Chemistry: A Text-book for Students by Frank Hall Thorp, Warren Kendall Lewis (1916)
"This is accomplished by keeping the temperature somewhat lower, and the depth of the ore bed greater, than for an oxidizing roast, and reducing the draft. ..."

2. Parodies of the Works of English & American Authors by Walter Hamilton (1887)
"Our heroes of old, of whose conquests we boast, Could make a good meal of a pot and a toast ; О ! did we so now, we should soon rule the roast. ..."

3. A New System of Domestic Cookery: Formed Upon Principles of Economy and by Maria Eliza Ketelby Rundell (1824)
"roast the green ones in the same \yay as woodcocks and quails (see above), without drawing; ... To roast Ortolans. Pick and singe, but do not draw them. ..."

4. Modern Cookery, in All Its Branches: Reduced to a System of Easy Practice by Eliza Acton (1858)
"roast Saddle of Lamb 185 To roast a Loin of Mutton 180 roast Loin of Lamb ib. To dress a Loin of Mutton like Venison ib. Stewed Leg of Lamh, ..."

5. Remains, Historical and Literary, Connected with the Palatine Counties of by Chetham Society (1856)
"Pullets, boiled capon, shoulder of mutton, veal roast, boiled chickens, rabbits roast, shoulder of mutton roast, chine of beef roast, pasty of venison, ..."

6. A Glossary: Or, Collection of Words, Phrases, Names, and Allusions to by Robert Nares (1859)
"However to content him, he gave him full power to r«lf the roast in his counsels ... To smell of the roast, to be prisoners. My souldiers were slayne fast ..."

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