Definition of Rose

1. Noun. Any of many shrubs of the genus Rosa that bear roses.

2. Adjective. Of something having a dusty purplish pink color. "The roseate glow of dawn"
Exact synonyms: Rosaceous, Roseate
Similar to: Chromatic

3. Noun. Pinkish table wine from red grapes whose skins were removed after fermentation began.
Exact synonyms: Blush Wine, Pink Wine, Rose Wine
Generic synonyms: Vino, Wine

4. Noun. A dusty pink color.
Exact synonyms: Rosiness
Generic synonyms: Pink
Specialized synonyms: Old Rose
Derivative terms: Rosy, Rosy

Definition of Rose

1. n. A flower and shrub of any species of the genus Rosa, of which there are many species, mostly found in the morthern hemispere

2. v. t. To render rose-colored; to redden; to flush.

Definition of Rose

1. Proper noun. ( female given name). ¹

2. Proper noun. (surname from=Middle English) ¹

3. Noun. (Ireland informal) A regional contestant in the annual Rose of Tralee contest. ¹

4. Noun. (Ireland informal) The winner of that year's contest. ¹

5. Noun. a shrub of the genus ''Rosa'', with red, pink, white or yellow flowers ¹

6. Noun. a flower of the rose plant ¹

7. Noun. a plant or species in the rose family (''Rosaceae'') ¹

8. Noun. something resembling a rose flower. ¹

9. Noun. a purplish-red or pink colour, the colour of some rose flowers ¹

10. Noun. a round nozzle for a sprinkling can or hose. ¹

11. Noun. the base of a light socket. ¹

12. Verb. (poetic transitive) To make rose-coloured; to redden or flush. ¹

13. Verb. (poetic transitive) To perfume, as with roses. ¹

14. Adjective. Having a purplish-red or pink colour. See rosy ¹

15. Verb. (simple past of rise) ¹

16. Noun. (alternative spelling of rosé) ¹

17. Noun. A pale pink wine made by removing the dark grape skins at the required point during fermentation. ¹

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Definition of Rose

1. to make the color of a rose (a reddish flower) [v ROSED, ROSING, ROSES]

Medical Definition of Rose

1. 1. A flower and shrub of any species of the genus Rosa, of which there are many species, mostly found in the morthern hemispere Roses are shrubs with pinnate leaves and usually prickly stems. The flowers are large, and in the wild state have five petals of a colour varying from deep pink to white, or sometimes yellow. By cultivation and hybridizing the number of petals is greatly increased and the natural perfume enhanced. In this way many distinct classes of roses have been formed, as the Banksia, Baurbon, Boursalt, China, Noisette, hybrid perpetual, etc, with multitudes of varieties in nearly every class. 2. A knot of ribbon formed like a rose; a rose knot; a rosette, especially. One worn on a shoe. 3. A rose window. See Rose window, below. 4. A perforated nozzle, as of a pipe, spout, etc, for delivering water in fine jets; a rosehead; also, a strainer at the foot of a pump. 5. The erysipelas. 6. The card of the mariner's compass; also, a circular card with radiating lines, used in other instruments. 7. The colour of a rose; rose-red; pink. 8. A diamond. See Rose diamond, below. Cabbage rose, China rose, etc. See Cabbage, China, etc. Corn rose, feuds between the Houses of York and Lancaster, the white rose being the badge of the House of York, and the red rose of the House of Lancaster. Origin: AS. Rose, L. Rosa, probably akin to Gr, Armor. Vard, OPer. Vareda; and perhaps to E. Wort: cf. F. Rose, from the Latin. Cf. Copperas, Rhododendron. Source: Websters Dictionary (01 Mar 1998)

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