Definition of Rosid dicot family

1. Noun. A family of dicotyledonous plants.

Generic synonyms: Dicot Family, Magnoliopsid Family
Specialized synonyms: Connaraceae, Family Connaraceae, Zebrawood Family, Fabaceae, Family Fabaceae, Family Leguminosae, Legume Family, Leguminosae, Pea Family, Family Mimosaceae, Mimosaceae, Mimosoideae, Subfamily Mimosoideae, Araliaceae, Family Araliaceae, Ivy Family, Evening-primrose Family, Family Onagraceae, Onagraceae, Family Melastomaceae, Family Melastomataceae, Meadow-beauty Family, Melastomaceae, Melastomataceae, Caesalpiniaceae, Family Caesalpiniaceae, Caesalpinioideae, Subfamily Caesalpinioideae, Family Papilionacea, Papilionaceae, Papilionoideae, Subfamily Papilionoideae, Family Rosaceae, Rosaceae, Rose Family, Balsam Family, Balsaminaceae, Family Balsaminaceae, Family Geraniaceae, Geraniaceae, Geranium Family, Burseraceae, Family Burseraceae, Torchwood Family, Callitrichaceae, Family Callitrichaceae, Family Malpighiaceae, Malpighiaceae, Family Meliaceae, Mahogany Family, Meliaceae, Family Lepidobotryaceae, Lepidobotryaceae, Family Oxalidaceae, Oxalidaceae, Wood-sorrel Family, Family Polygalaceae, Milkwort Family, Polygalaceae, Family Rutaceae, Rue Family, Rutaceae, Family Simaroubaceae, Quassia Family, Simaroubaceae, Family Tropaeolaceae, Nasturtium Family, Tropaeolaceae, Bean-caper Family, Family Zygophyllaceae, Zygophyllaceae, Cephalotaceae, Family Cephalotaceae, Cunonia Family, Cunoniaceae, Family Cunoniaceae, Family Hydrangeaceae, Hydrangea Family, Hydrangeaceae, Philadelphaceae, Subfamily Philadelphaceae, Family Saxifragaceae, Saxifragaceae, Saxifrage Family, Family Platanaceae, Plane-tree Family, Platanaceae, Euphorbiaceae, Family Euphorbiaceae, Spurge Family, Apiaceae, Carrot Family, Family Apiaceae, Family Umbelliferae, Umbelliferae, Cornaceae, Dogwood Family, Family Cornaceae
Group relationships: Rosidae, Subclass Rosidae

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