Definition of Salad bowl

1. Noun. A plate or bowl for individual servings of salad.

Exact synonyms: Salad Plate
Generic synonyms: Plate

2. Noun. A large bowl for mixing and serving a salad.
Generic synonyms: Bowl

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Literary usage of Salad bowl

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. The Table: How to Buy Food, how to Cook It, and how to Serve it by Alexander Filippini (1889)
"Place it in a salad-bowl, and season with half a pinch of salt and the third of a pinch of pepper, mixed in a wooden salad-spoonful of tarragon-vinegar, ..."

2. A Narrative of Personal Experiences & Impressions During a Residence on the by Alicia Blackwood (1881)
"... Moore—Purchase of "Pig"—Mercantile dealings with Spanish Jew—Purchase of "Sultan"—Uses of a salad bowl—Everything down the well. ..."

3. Practical Cooking and Serving: A Complete Manual of how to Select, Prepare by Janet McKenzie Hill (1902)
"Wipe dry, and arrange the slices in the salad bowl in the form of a Greek cross. ... Rub the inside of the salad bowl with the cut side of an onion, ..."

4. The Gastronomic Regenerator: A Simplified and Entirely New System of Cookery by Alexis Soyer (1847)
"Peel and cut ten middling-sized cold potatoes into slices, and put them into a salad-bowl, season with a little pepper, salt, a teaspoonful of chopped ..."

5. The Steward's Handbook and Guide to Party Catering by Jessup Whitehead (1903)
"THE GARLIC FLAVOR—A slight rubbing of the salad bowl with a clove of garlic will impart sufficient flavor for a moderately sized salad, or a piece of bread ..."

6. Two Hundred Recipes for Making Salads: With Thirty Recipes for Dressings and by Olive M. Hulse (1910)
"Back to the world he'd turn his fleeting soul, And plunge his fingers in the salad bowl. Serenely full, the epicure would say, Fate cannot harm me, ..."

7. Salads and Sauces by Thomas Jefferson Murrey (1884)
"and put the celery in a salad-bowl; now add the prepared meat; arrange neatly; ... They should be cut into neat pieces ; if prepared in a salad-bowl ..."

8. Modern Cookery, for Private Families: Reduced to a System of Easy Practice by Eliza Acton (1860)
"Fill a salad-bowl from half to three parts full with very tender ... eut them into quarters, and lay them into the salad-bowl; arrange over them some ..."

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