Definition of Scleritis

1. Noun. Inflammation of the sclera.

Generic synonyms: Inflammation, Redness, Rubor

Definition of Scleritis

1. n. See Sclerotitis.

Definition of Scleritis

1. [n -TISES]

Medical Definition of Scleritis

1. Refers to any inflammation of the sclera including episcleritis, a benign condition affecting only the episclera, which is generally short-lived and easily treated. Classic scleritis, on the other hand, affects deeper tissue and is characterised by higher rates of visual acuity loss and even mortality, particularly in necrotizing form. Its characteristic symptom is severe and general head pain. Scleritis has also been associated with systemic collagen disease. Aetiology is unknown but is thought to involve a local immune response. Treatment is difficult and includes administration of anti-inflammatory and immunosuppressive agents such as corticosteroids. Inflammation of the sclera may also be secondary to inflammation of adjacent tissues, such as the conjunctiva. (12 Dec 1998)

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Literary usage of Scleritis

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. Text-book of Ophthalmology by Ernst Fuchs (1911)
"Inflammation of the sclera (scleritis), which belongs among the rarer affections of the eye, attacks the anterior segment of the sclera, lying between the ..."

2. Diseases of the eye by George Edmund De Schweinitz (1916)
"To this severe form of scleritis, which invariably affects the whole region around the ... Unlike ordinary scleritis, which usually attacks young adults, ..."

3. Diseases of the Eye: Handbook of Ophthalmic Practice for Students and by George Edmund De Schweinitz (1903)
"scleritis may appear in the form of a diffuse, bluish-red injection, occupying the ... The causes of deep scleritis are exposure to cold, rheumatism, gout, ..."

4. A Handbook of the diseases of the eye and their treatment by Henry Rosborough Swanzy (1897)
"Iritis, cyclitis, and conjunctivitis, as well as scleritis, cause redness of ... scleritis attacks only that part of the sclerotic which is anterior to the ..."

5. Manual of the diseases of the eye: For Students and General Practitioners by Charles Henry May (1909)
"Inflammation of the Sclera (scleritis) may be either superficial or deep. ... The deep form, known as scleritis, involves the ..."

6. Lectures on the Human Eye in Its Normal and Pathological Conditions by Adolf Alt (1880)
"Infiltration-scleritis generally involves the whole thickness of the sclerotic, ... When the primary disease heals, the scleritis generally also disappears, ..."

7. Text-book of Ophthalmology by Ernst Fuchs, Alexander Duane (1899)
"So in this form of scleritis almost all parts of the eye suffer ; and for this reason it must be looked upon as much more dangerous than the superficial ..."

8. Ophthalmic review (1902)
"I HAVE recently had an opportunity of examining microscopically a case of scleritis belonging to the class of cases first described in 1897 by ..."

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